What is the BEST Free Keyword Search Tool?

When selecting the best free keyword search and research tools, you’ll need to do you’re homework… find one that works best for you. There are several free “try before you buy” offers to weed through…but I’d like to determine who truly has the best of all the free keyword search tools out there.  Yes, some of the tools are … Read On >

Does Longtail Keyword Pro v.3 deliver as the best long tail keyword research tool?

A Longtail Keywords Pro v3.0 Review – Is it the best long tail keyword search tool?  Or is all about the upsales?   Name: Longtail Keyword Pro v.3 Website: http://v3.longtailpro.com Price: Orig. Price $97, $37 one-time (70% off limited time) Upsales: $17/mo.-or-$197 one-time –> $97 –>  $197 Sold By: Mark Thompson, Spencer Haw Overall Rating: 75 out of 100 … Read On >

Free Google Keyword Searches – Alphabet Soup Method

Keyword Planner isn’t the only free Google keywords search tool! A large population of the SEO elite use their favorite brand of keyword research tools.  I see many using Market Samurai, WordTracker or Keyword Canine, all respectable tools in the marketplace.  Others will take the Adwords route and go directly to the Google Keyword Planner tool. … Read On >

The Instant Payday Network Scam Alert

Jeff Buchanan and the “Instant Payday Network” – Scam or Legit? You’ve probably seen plenty of videos floating around on YouTube referring to Instant Payday Network.  I  produced one of these “scam review” videos myself back when I first looked into it as a way to make money online.  You’ll find it on page 1 of Google if … Read On >

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Build a Niche Website

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Keyword Domination

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Avoid the Scams

There are several ways to get "ripped-off" online in these days of global internet enterprise. Be sure to keep yourself from becoming the victim...
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