Welcome to my blog. I’m a full-time affiliate marketer and have been doing this just north of five years now. I absolutely love affiliate marketing. It’s my passion, my true love. What it has done for the quality of my life is simply amazing. Without affiliate marketing, I would probably still be sitting behind a desk at a cubicle with a throbbing back. My future wasn’t looking too good but…then affiliate happened.


profileBecoming a full time affiliate marketer was the biggest blessing of my life. Everyday I wake up and pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming. Part of me feels like, “I can’t believe this really happened to me.” And the other part of me is like, “What do you mean? You worked your tail feather off to get here. Of course it ‘happened’ to you.”

It’s kind of unbelievable still. How often do dreams come true? Most people die with their dreams still unfulfilled. I might live another 60 years and have already accomplished my biggest dream. Why me? Why do I deserve this lifestyle?

The answer to that question is simple: I don’t. I don’t deserve this lifestyle anymore than you do. We’re all equal. The second I think I’m more deserving of this life than anyone else, that’s when I’ll start slacking and lose my footing.

Stay Grounded

It’s extremely important to stay grounded in this industry. I know how easy it is to get the big head. It’s all to easy to think you’re God’s gift to earth and to start slacking off. You’re making good money, passively at that, so you’ll feel like a king.

Everything you feel isn’t fact. I’m just a guy who worked hard for this. I’m not a king and this lifestyle can be taken away from me even faster than it took to achieve it if I take it for granted. No, I don’t think some malevolent force is waiting to “take” this lifestyle from me. But I do think that I have to keep my head on straight to maintain it.